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X Force Stimulator


X-Force Stimulator

The X-Force Stimulator is a proprietary device that utilizes a unique electrical signal to deliver monophasic, peaked impulses directly to the joint.  The device is a dual modality unit, offering TEJS and TENS functions that both use electrical stimulation to combat pain found in the joint capsule.  The FDA has approved the X-Force Stimulator and has classified the device with a product code of NYN.  This is important as conventional TENS units are classified by the FDA using the product code GZJ.  Thus, the X-Force Stimulator is inherently unique from TENS units and other electrical stimulation devices, and is recognized as such.

Treatment Options

The X-Force Stimulator is a small, hand-held, portable unit that is equipped with separate day and night time settings.  It is recommended that the unit be worn throughout the night as the body is in rest mode and the likelihood of recovery is enhanced.  Because the X-Force Stimulator provides subthreshold stimulation, it operates utilizing a level of stimulation that is below the patient’s level of perception.  The unit works best using silver-lined mesh garments that cover the inured joint.

Patients can also benefit from using the X-Force Stimulator during the day.  The unit can be worn in combination with other devices. When the X-Force Stimulator is worn in combination with a joint specific brace and/or the SolarCare FIR Heating System, the joint has shown to improve quicker and stronger.  In some instances, the benefits of the X-Force Stimulator can be recognized in a few days.  However, using the device over longer periods of time may be required to achieve optimal results.


The X-Force Stimulator is a non-invasive, non-addictive form of therapy used to help relieve the symptoms caused by arthritis and other joint conditions.  Patients that wear the X-Force Stimulator are able to adjust the level of voltage and it is noted that the patient is instructed to wear the device below perceptible voltage.  This will ensure that the active electrical signals work subthreshold and allow the patient to recover comfortably and adhere to their treatment plan.  The device has a built-in compliance meter that stores the hours and minutes of usage.


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