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M-Stims with Tens and EMS


This multi-stimulation unit is a unique product that uses three different forms of electrical stimulation, M-STIM, TENS, EMS/NMS, to massage deep tissue, decrease pain, increase blood flow, re-educate muscles, prevent atrophy and decrease swelling.  The wave frequency known as “M-Stim” is ideal when used to treat chronic and acute injuries.  It utilizes two frequencies that intersect in deep tissue where treatment for an injury is sought.  By stimulating neurons, the M-Stim creates a natural defense against pain that can last several hours.  Due to this long lasting pain relief, the Multi Stim is recommended to help cure or relieve the patient of their injury. The patient will achieve optimal results using this machine throughout the day in 30-minute segments.  The strategic compilation of these three forms of electrical stimulation provides a complete rehabilitative program to achieve ultimate results.

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