Product Name:

OA Brace


Unloader Brace:

The ORION Unloader Brace is a lightweight brace that provides pain relief and superior support for knees with stabilization problems, arthritic conditions or defects in the cartilidge.  The ORION Unloader Brace can reduce the load placed on the knee joint thus decreasing pain and improving function.  The ORION Unloader Brace utilizes a sophisticated leverage strap system that can be adjusted to modify the amount of relief in the knee.

Features and Benefits 

-        Single upright hinge

-        Off-loading the affected side by 3 point corrective forces

-        Silicone pads, straps and liners eliminate brace migration


-        Unicompartment Osteoarthritis

-        Chronic ACL/PCL instability

-        Tibial Plateau Fracture

-        Meniscal Injury and/ or Repair

-        Cartilage Transplant

-        Post-Osteotomy

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