Product Name:

Patella Stabilizer


The Patella Stabilizer is an elastic support that offers a patella tracking system that is essential in stabilizing the knee joint.  This patella support is removable allowing for precise placement over the patella tendon making sure that the joint is properly stabilized and supported.  The Patella Stabilizer comes in different sizes and the patient needs to be properly measured and fitted to ensure a proper fitting.  The brace must me worn during activities and whenever the patient is not in a resting position.  The Patella Stabilizer is medically necessary as it will protect the joint from future damage and will cure and/or relieve the injured area.

Features and Benefits

-Breathable foam-laminated pile fabric

- Crescent shaped buttress on the inside of the brace for ultimate stabilization.

-Effective prevention of patellar subluxaion or dislocation.


-Patella malaignment, dislocaiton or subluxation

-Post-Operative Care



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