Product Name:

ROM Brace


PRO-ROM Post-Op Knee Brace

- The PRO-ROM Post-Op Knee Brace is designed with an
easy-to-use range-of-motion hinge.
- Pre-set stops and motion locks allow quick, easy dorsal and plantar flexion settings.
- Soft foam laminated material for excellent comfort in daily use.
- Hook and loop closures for easy adjustment and exact fit.
- Lightweight while strong and durable.
- Removable and washable liner

Features and Benefits

-Adjustable hinge that can be set by the physician  allowing for controlled rehabilitation.
-Adjustable hinge from 0-120 degrees of flexion/extension.
-Prefabricated rigid support to be worn following knee surgery.
-Can be delivered to the hospital or surgery center to offer immediate stability while recovering.

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